A small island off the coast of the Lowlands, this island is the home of an impressive city. It is not the largest city of the Vidaari, but it is perhaps the most dense, with buildings clustering their way up the small island all the way to the observatory at the very peak. Because of its distance from other tribes and the fortlike shape of the island itself, Aelisholm is responsible for guarding some of the most prized of the Vidaari’s treasures, and is therefore renowned as a city of great wealth. It’s a popular tourist destination for those few Vidaari who can afford to travel for fun.

The city is home to a great collection of books and tech, which makes it a prime spot for researchers to gather. They have created the University, a truly confusing cluster of buildings, unique bylaws, and cultural customs endemic to a very small physical footprint.

Ruled by the Provost



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