Crickets THANG plan

Crickit plans to appeal for his citizenship at the Thang. He will ask for no ill will towards the Edisons. He had asked them for his freedom in the past and been denied. He fled to prove himself worthy, and plans to argue that worth. He will bost the following accomplishments.

  • taming of Moonbask, The consumer of lesser skrikes, ending the skrikening years ago
  • discovery of colony, the first to integrate with its mind
  • glory of battle defending the sphinx, and the mechanical upgrade of its cannon
  • scavenger of mysteries from the spaceship, returning great technologies to the vidari

He will argue that if he is made a citizen, this is only the beginning, he will submit a grant proposal to research the discovery of space flight. His grant will include the following:

  • explanation of his theories of space flight
  • designs for a spacecraft
  • applications of spaceflight for exploration and military engagements
  • applications of spaceflight for trade and infrastructure challenges
  • explanation of materials needed, and how the upgraded ironworks can make those alloys
  • a request for a large facility for space engineering
  • a request for a team of 12 engineers to design, test, and build spaceship prototypes
  • a request for a team of 4 assistants and courriers to assist the engineers
  • a request for the budget to build a prototype spacecraft



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