Crickets levelup plan

Ancilary Classes
Basileus – 1st rank- We’re Sending Someone in to Negotiate!
1- mounted combatant (bonus to fighting on skrike)

2nd rank- Roguish Charm: One of the side-effects of living such a lifestyle is that the Vagabond may often find herself confronted by someone quite angry. No stranger to these sorts of misunderstandings, she has honed her ability to smooth talk her way out of danger or to convince people to see things her way.

2- Getting ahead (teach skrike a vehicle shattering headbutt.)

3- heavy lancer (train skrike to wear combat armor, gain charge on skrike to deal massive dmg with reach weapon OR charge through formations)

3rd rank- Of the People: The Pilgrim is a friend of the people. Commoners, farmers, and folk just going about their business feel an immediate kinship with the Pilgrim. He speaks their language, he knows their plight, and he has their ear.

3rd rank- With A Flourish: A bit of wit, a clever remark, the right application of a logical fallacy to an argument – the Basileus loves to gain the upper hand through thinking, and enjoys the benefits of being entirely in his element. He applies this love of the game to social interactions as well as combat situations.

3rd rank- Beau’iful Teeth!: There are dangerous creatures in the wasteland, but
they need not be enemies. The Wastelander has a way with these mutated beasts.

4th rank- I call it Vera: Over time, the Bloodkin finds that one special weapon they just know they were meant to be with. Maintained and modified with love, their primary weapon is now a finely honed killing implement.

5th rank- We ARE the people: Demonstrating mastery over his environment & genuine dedication to its people, the Pilgrim has gained immense levels of trust from the villagers or common folk he helps. Entire communities are willing to rally behind the Pilgrim, should he request and have sound reason to call upon them. Perhaps they’ll even erect a town statue in his honor!

5th rank- Elected Official: Beyond even the duties of being a representative, the Basileus can aspire to hold office with his faction. With this new position, he can influence the very structure of society, provided he has the love and support of his people.

5th rank- Everybody Knows Who I Am: ???

5- forge alliance



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