animals like machines are predictable and lovable!


The 32 year old mechanic and skrike caretaker Cricket is no Vidari citizen, not yet at least. Once a child amongst barbarians in the sand wastes, he was adopted by the Edisons after his clan was killed by Vidari Bloodkin. BP and Shell Edison could have no children of their own, and adopted the 10 year old Cricket. Not two years later though, the Edisons nephew Tesla was orphaned. They adopted him aswell, beginning the long rivalry of Cricket and Tesla. A saga fit for the great libraries of their native Aelisholm.

Cricket was brilliant. Quickly learning, fast to master his studies and outgrow apprenticeships. Showing such great promise, Cricket was even given access to the Edison’s prized possession, a Computer! An artifact the normally jealous Tesla considered only a dumb flashlight.

Despite his aptitude, Cricket was awkward, and was outshined by the vibrant (loud) and confidant (arrogant) personality of Tesla. In the early years, they were brothers and sons of the Edisons, but as he grew to manhood, Tesla became the favored son, and Cricket was treated like a servant.

Then came the fateful night of the Skrikening. Many perished, but cricket was able to save the day. Tesla first tried to bond the alpha-female skrike, but it rejected him and bonded to Cricket instead.

After this incredible feat, Cricket asked for his freedom, but Tesla had gotten to his adopted parents first. Tesla had asked that Cricket pretend the massive skrike belong to him in public, as to not shame his name! The Edisons agreed that in order to maintain Teslas honor, the skrike must appear to be his, and therefore Cricket could not have his freedom.

Cricket vowed to have his freedom, and plotted his escape…


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