Cricket goes shopping

After returning from the hunt, Cricket realizes that venturing into the wild with no gear was not such a great idea. With Makkar leading the way, Cricket goes shopping.

Here is what he tries to buy:

Mechanics Kit

  • small waterproof containers for electronics
  • toolbox (ideally can be carried in a backpack)
  • wrench set
  • work gloves
  • phillips and flat head screwdrivers, super small, small, medium, and large
  • a leather mechanics apron
  • wire clippers
  • set of various pliers
  • tweezers
  • file set
  • awl
  • mallet
  • magnet stick
  • razor blades or exacto knife
  • small knife (with serrated portion)
  • jewelers loop (that can be mounted on his glasses)
  • copper wire
  • string
  • plum bob
  • lubricant
  • chalk
  • brushes
  • allen wrench set
  • scissors
  • pins

he also looks out for the following…
Higher Tech wishlist

  • soldering iron, solder remover, solder, and flux
  • blowtorch and small gas tank
  • laser pointer
  • clip leads
  • calipers
  • non-standard screwdrivers for electronics (other sizes and shapes)
  • radio
  • multimeter
  • various lightbulbs and LEDs
  • any computer parts
  • flashlight (ideally chargeable)
  • headlamp (ideally chargeable)

and doesnt neglect to replace the rags he is wearing:
Generic Gear

  • 2 sets of cloths and shoes



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