Affable vagrant, stoic surgeon


A short, wiry man with weathered skin and typically unwashed, Bindle wears a big bushy beard and threadbare cap. He carries his namesake bag with him everywhere, which he has replaced and modified over years of adventure and which is filled with a comprehensive array of medical supplies. Stubbornly pacifist, he nevertheless finds himself strewn amidst violence and confrontation during his extensive travels. He loves to carouse and carries a hip flask and packet of spliffs on his person, which he samples whenever he has a spare moment.


Bindle was born (but rarely called) Dominatingus Skullkrusher in the militaristic, glory-obsessed culture of Stohling. Having little interest in fighting but proving to be brilliantly talented field surgeon by the time he was thirteen, he earned his handle by the stick and bag holding his medical kit that waggled about at eye level allowing him to be spotted above the fracas and called where he was needed. As he grew up he became increasingly alienated from the militaristic society he was raised in and left to travel the rest of the world and help as many people as possible while developing his considerable skill. While his clan balks at his philosophy, his value as a surgeon trumps his unwillingness to engage in combat and earns him grudging respect.


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