The Most Important Things For A Vedaari to Know
A List by Makkar

According to Bindle: How to relaaaaaax
How you learn it: Drugs and Sex

According to Aadvani: How to have a lasting impact on our islands
How you learn it: Service!

According to Pearl: The ability to defend yourself
How do you learn it: Find the hardest part of you and put it in the softest part of them.
Also: work out all the time.

According to Cricket: Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty
How you learn it: you just sorta try it

According to Makkar: Knowledge is treasure, and all treasure goes to the Vedaari.
How you learn it: observe everything around you. Don’t hoard information, share it!

Crickets levelup plan

Ancilary Classes
Basileus – 1st rank- We’re Sending Someone in to Negotiate!
1- mounted combatant (bonus to fighting on skrike)

2nd rank- Roguish Charm: One of the side-effects of living such a lifestyle is that the Vagabond may often find herself confronted by someone quite angry. No stranger to these sorts of misunderstandings, she has honed her ability to smooth talk her way out of danger or to convince people to see things her way.

2- Getting ahead (teach skrike a vehicle shattering headbutt.)

3- heavy lancer (train skrike to wear combat armor, gain charge on skrike to deal massive dmg with reach weapon OR charge through formations)

3rd rank- Of the People: The Pilgrim is a friend of the people. Commoners, farmers, and folk just going about their business feel an immediate kinship with the Pilgrim. He speaks their language, he knows their plight, and he has their ear.

3rd rank- With A Flourish: A bit of wit, a clever remark, the right application of a logical fallacy to an argument – the Basileus loves to gain the upper hand through thinking, and enjoys the benefits of being entirely in his element. He applies this love of the game to social interactions as well as combat situations.

3rd rank- Beau’iful Teeth!: There are dangerous creatures in the wasteland, but
they need not be enemies. The Wastelander has a way with these mutated beasts.

4th rank- I call it Vera: Over time, the Bloodkin finds that one special weapon they just know they were meant to be with. Maintained and modified with love, their primary weapon is now a finely honed killing implement.

5th rank- We ARE the people: Demonstrating mastery over his environment & genuine dedication to its people, the Pilgrim has gained immense levels of trust from the villagers or common folk he helps. Entire communities are willing to rally behind the Pilgrim, should he request and have sound reason to call upon them. Perhaps they’ll even erect a town statue in his honor!

5th rank- Elected Official: Beyond even the duties of being a representative, the Basileus can aspire to hold office with his faction. With this new position, he can influence the very structure of society, provided he has the love and support of his people.

5th rank- Everybody Knows Who I Am: ???

5- forge alliance

Core Supplies and Food-Shiavic Journey

We have:
23 Units trade goods
Furs for everyone, plus four extras
Our usual gear
30X7 food
15X7 water

Crickets THANG plan

Crickit plans to appeal for his citizenship at the Thang. He will ask for no ill will towards the Edisons. He had asked them for his freedom in the past and been denied. He fled to prove himself worthy, and plans to argue that worth. He will bost the following accomplishments.

  • taming of Moonbask, The consumer of lesser skrikes, ending the skrikening years ago
  • discovery of colony, the first to integrate with its mind
  • glory of battle defending the sphinx, and the mechanical upgrade of its cannon
  • scavenger of mysteries from the spaceship, returning great technologies to the vidari

He will argue that if he is made a citizen, this is only the beginning, he will submit a grant proposal to research the discovery of space flight. His grant will include the following:

  • explanation of his theories of space flight
  • designs for a spacecraft
  • applications of spaceflight for exploration and military engagements
  • applications of spaceflight for trade and infrastructure challenges
  • explanation of materials needed, and how the upgraded ironworks can make those alloys
  • a request for a large facility for space engineering
  • a request for a team of 12 engineers to design, test, and build spaceship prototypes
  • a request for a team of 4 assistants and courriers to assist the engineers
  • a request for the budget to build a prototype spacecraft
Cricket goes shopping

After returning from the hunt, Cricket realizes that venturing into the wild with no gear was not such a great idea. With Makkar leading the way, Cricket goes shopping.

Here is what he tries to buy:

Mechanics Kit

  • small waterproof containers for electronics
  • toolbox (ideally can be carried in a backpack)
  • wrench set
  • work gloves
  • phillips and flat head screwdrivers, super small, small, medium, and large
  • a leather mechanics apron
  • wire clippers
  • set of various pliers
  • tweezers
  • file set
  • awl
  • mallet
  • magnet stick
  • razor blades or exacto knife
  • small knife (with serrated portion)
  • jewelers loop (that can be mounted on his glasses)
  • copper wire
  • string
  • plum bob
  • lubricant
  • chalk
  • brushes
  • allen wrench set
  • scissors
  • pins

he also looks out for the following…
Higher Tech wishlist

  • soldering iron, solder remover, solder, and flux
  • blowtorch and small gas tank
  • laser pointer
  • clip leads
  • calipers
  • non-standard screwdrivers for electronics (other sizes and shapes)
  • radio
  • multimeter
  • various lightbulbs and LEDs
  • any computer parts
  • flashlight (ideally chargeable)
  • headlamp (ideally chargeable)

and doesnt neglect to replace the rags he is wearing:
Generic Gear

  • 2 sets of cloths and shoes
The Great Hunt
Roarin' Rhonda's Motley Crew

Montak, the Hunter.

Since the re-emergence of civilization, food has been scarce. Nearly everyone in the Wasteland has at some point had to hunt for sustenance, yet few are truly in touch with what it means to take a life in order to preserve another. Every year, the Vidaari people choose to honor both Montak and the spirit of the hunt by joining together in a massive celebration and competition.

Montak was a quiet but passionate man, who held a great respect for the animals of the land. It is by his code that a Yeag, or “Spiritual Hunt” is conducted. A hunter must come to love his prey for the food it provides and the mutual struggle all endure in life. A hunter must come to respect his prey for its will to survive and fight back. A hunter gives his prey higher purpose by honoring the gift of nourishment.

Contestants for the competition are nominated by their local Caliph. Each year between 120-150 contestants travel to Brinn, honored guests of the High King. They compete to bring back the most impressive kill, which is judged by the physical characteristics of the creature, the method of bringing it down, and how well the hunters can recount the tale of its defeat.

In the midst of the grand pre-hunt celebration, hunting parties are often formed. The loud-mouthed, enthusiastic Roarin’ Rhonda (a veteran of the Hunt) gathered together five brave participants, set on the prestige, honor, and recognition of taking first place.

With a solid plan in place for the opening ceremonies, the group stands well poised to make an impression for both King Three-Finger, and Montak himself.

Welcome to the Vidaar
A story of...

Place Holder


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